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Torrey Pines State Beach
Photo by Luis Peraza

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Report Details:
Report Date: 2/16/2018 10:53 AM
Report Number: 00295875
Service Notification Number: 150000879492
Current Status:
This report has been referred to Code Enforcement at
Report Category: Sidewalk
Report Type: Streets
Address: 3751–3799 5th Ave
Description: During the weekly Hillcrest Clean, Green & Safe Neighborhood Walkabout, Hillcrest residents alerted staff to a public right of way encroachment issue. Staff observed several Lime Bike's that were left in the middle of the sidewalk. These bikes did not allow a minimum of four feet clearance between the bike and the nearest tree/utility box. Staff moved the bikes to allow for a four feet clearance, however upon further inspection in other parts of Hillcrest, staff observed these dockless bikes were haphazardly left. Staff picked up several bikes that had been tipped over- blocking the public right away, including some that were blocking access to MTS bus stops. Possible Solution: make allowances for pre-determined areas were dock-less bikes may be left in a safe and controlled manner. Designated areas could then be permitted and would allow residents - especially those with sight disabilities- to easily locate these bikes and safety go around them without fumbling around them.
Images: 1 uploaded
Date Corrected: March 6, 2018