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Torrey Pines State Beach
Photo by Luis Peraza

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Report Details:
Report Date: 2/11/2019 4:28 PM
Report Number: 02507650
Service Notification Number: 040300103292
Current Status:
Closure Reason: This issue will be addressed as part of other projects or City work occurring nearby.
Report Category: Other
Report Type: Street Division
Address: 4630 Marlborough Dr, San Diego, CA 92116, USA
Description: This is regarding the planned tree trimming at 4600‐4679 Marlborough Dr. Our constituent informed us that last year there was tree trimming scheduled, but it got cancelled due to a storm. I spoke with Sergio Arias who told me these trimmings are not scheduled to take place until FY2021. Our constituent insists that the trimmings were not performed last year, but only one street address was trimmed. The neighborhood has full stacks of beads lining up the streets, is there any way to look into the trimming that failed to take place last year and see if this process can be expedited?
Images: 0 uploaded
Date Corrected: April 18, 2019