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Torrey Pines State Beach
Photo by Luis Peraza

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How long do problems take to be resolved? 

Why are street light repairs taking longer than normal? 

How do I locate a container serial number? 

How do I report a missed trash, recycling, or greenery collection? 

What happens when I submit a Homeless Outreach / Encampment report? 

How do I dispose of an old, damaged trash container? 

Guide to Get It Done Reports & Services 

Whose responsibility is it to address issues with weeds? 

How do I report an issue with a scooter or bike share? 

What's my trash pick up schedule? 

How do I report litter or another issue with a freeway? 

How can I access the internet through public Wi-Fi? 

How do I close my report? 

When do I need to call DigAlert? 

Additional Container 

How do I file a police report? 

When will the overhead utility lines in my neighborhood be moved underground? 

Why do I have to pay for a container and delivery when you broke it? 

Replace Damaged Container